Saturday, July 13, 2013

just jump, you might FLY

" be with someone who makes you HAPPY "

aloha ;) just a quick post before my mom asked me to sleep (it's 00.51 here) haha these were taken two months ago when we visited singapore.

well let me think what has happened recentlyy,hmm firstly my digicam is suddenly broken :"( , i'm turning 18 last 22june :3 , i'm almost accepted in one of the univ in hk , still waiting for some document to be translated, how i wish my school could work faster :O  anw wml *fingercrossed* (y)

and ohh there's a dog in my home now! It' quite a miracle since my parents are never really a puppy-person , well i guess this one succesfully win their heart ahahah *hi dad ! :3* (i've a feeling that somehow my dad gonna read this ahahahah) anw this isn't our puppy though, my neighbour asked us to look afer her (the dog) for a couple of days. She made an excellent progress by start peeing and poop-ing in a restroom although we have to lock her up in there first lol

well it's 01:14 now , gonna sleep, have a nice weekend ! ciao xo


  1. Great post! I'm your new Follower! :) I hope to see you in my blog sometimes. Thanks!
    Kisses from VV!!

  2. you look so much fun, dear =)
    nice blog !

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