Thursday, June 13, 2013

a lil sparkles on my cupcake

" Nothing you do for children is ever wasted " -Garrison Keillor

if any of you read this, i just wanna say: THANKS FOR EVERYTHING ♥♥ we may go to the different universities in the future, we may lose contact, even there's possibility that one day we would have nothing common to talk about , and tons of other things we-dont-want-to-happen-in-the-future. but afterall lifes goes on, we'll never know what will happen, what will change, who will leave, who will stay :')
but nomatter what, there's one thing that i (and maybe you also) can hold on, that to have met all of you has been my pleasure :"") you guys are the one who make me believe that "high school is truly our best moment in our life" ♥♥ GOODLUCK and KEEP IN TOUCH ! xo #ILOVEYOUALL

 my favorite ♥♥

aloha ppl! sorry for another long hiatus hehehe :3 life has been pretty lovely lately. can't believe that i've been   in holiday for 2months already >< #timepleaseslowdown? and university will start in like 2months sooo i guess i still have plenty time to enjoy this holiday ahahah :D and i believe most of you who studies in jakarta has been in holiday as well, right? so well let me say: WELCOME TO HOLLI-DAYY! eheheh :-33

anywayy i've officialy graduated from shs like a month ago *yeay and sigh* :): i'm having kind of mix feelings about this, in one side i'm glad that finally i'll have some time to take a breath and relaxing :) but on the other side well i guess i'm kinda afraid of leaving this familiar environment eheheh

last but not leastt, since i'm on holidayy and basically have nothing to do #atotalunemployment hihi :3 sooo i decided to start accepting orders! :DD the last pictures are some drawings i've made this month. ;)

if you're interested or have any question, feel free to poke me, line: austingoo :)
(for more drawings previews, visit my instagram :33)

well thats all for now, so long guys! thanks for reading hihi :**


  1. nothing more to say, just awesome.

  2. your drawings are awesome! super <3
    congrats for your graduation anyway :D

  3. love these colorful doodles and artworks! you're so talented!

    xo, Carla

  4. i love your drawing skills ci!
    you are so talented! love it ♥
    congrats anyway!

    mind to check my new post on :
    thanks ♥

  5. WOW. love these :)
    don't forget to check my blog:

  6. Congratulations on graduating from high school!! :)


  7. thankyou for your lovely comment in my past blog post! Ah, congrats for graduating deaar! and, o m g I really in love with your drawings. xx :)

  8. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.. congratulation anyway. universities ain't easy you know. Good luck!

  9. loving your drawings, sista! you're really talented. and congrats for the graduation :D iya, jewong itu temen sekelasku di smak4... kamu kenal jewong darimana? hehe..

    enjoy holiday!

  10. congrats in graduating! semoga kuliahnya lancar yaa :D
    austin jago banget sih ;____; warnainnya pake spidol doang? o_O gambar terus yang banyak ya wkwkwk
    iya itu buat yearbook fotonya makanya gaya gayaan kayak orang belanda heheh

  11. congrats for your grade! awesome post! <3

  12. wow Austin, those of your drawings are unbelievable!!!!!!!! They look stunning just like you XD

  13. I just bumped into your blog and after scrolling through your posts, I must say I really like it :) How about we follow each other? :)

    Kisses from Zurich,


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