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aloha guys! :)) soo firstly my name is austin - austin go. welll 19 out of 20 people always think that i'm a boy when they hear my namee, but here i'm perfectly a girl lol :p

soo i've just blown 17 candles last 22june , and this is my last year on shs :'(
most people say that i have that chubbybabyface. and i'm also quite short, about 147 cm, that's why when i met new people,they never ask: are you on shs? or are you college student?, what they always ask is: junior high school? **
in short, they don't believe that i'm 17 already, even most of my juniors don't realize me as their senior = =
welll basically i always take that as compliment, that's mean i'll look younger longer than anybody else, isn't it? haha lol :pp

well let's keep moving, i'm not that kind of popular one, but i've enough best friends to share this life with :33 i'm neither the smartest nor the most diligent student, but i always try to be responsible, i enjoy my school life as well :))

i love sleeping and taking photos, blogging, doing nail art, reading comics,novels, watching movies. i hate sports, since i can't do any of them well lol :p

wel that's all i guess, thanks for reading ♥ hope you enjoy my blog as well xo!

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