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taiwan will touch your heart? part 1

taiwan will touch your heart? yes taiwan has touched my heart :') soo these are the things of how these 21-day-event could pass smoothly. there're about 180 participants from all over indonesia, who are divided into 6 busses (so each buss contained 30 people). and then of that 30 we're divided again into small groups @10people.

next if you see some people wearing red sleeves shirt in this post? those are the kind-hearted people who kept watching, accompany, supervising and look after us during this whole summer trip. we called them fu dao yuan ♥ (or we can simply call them as mentor). each group has one.

soo i'm bus b member which is contained of team 4,5,6. (i'm team 5,just saying lol) and the mentors of this bus are emma (team4), gina (team 5), and oliver (team 6)

well enjoy the post! :D

at san-sian-tai scenic area , such a gorg place :')

from left: sanlia, me, lusi (my roomie :3), cynthia, stacey
anw short story about lusi, soo i'm lucky enough to have her as my roomie for those 21 days and not only that, we also luckily be divided into the same bus, which is bus b. soo she's not only my roomie but she is also the one who always sit next to me in the bus, that's why you might find that most of my photos have her inside haha lol
i've missed you already lus :')

stacey,lusi, cheryl (mentor :3) sean, cynthi, me, gina (my mentor), andrian, tomi. and the guy in blue jacket: oliver (another mentor of bus b :3)
me,cynthi, onion (mentor), lusi, stacey

stella, me, jane, stacey, jian jian (mentor), cynthi, lusi

it's cycling timee, well at first i was the one who still stayed cool (lol) when our mentors said that we're gonna ride a bycicle  for about 12km. but then i must say that i'm  most of us were about to die even before we reached 6km lol. the views at first wasn't interesting at all, but by the time we cycled along the mountain road, i must say that the view is amazingly beautiful :) ps: i was soo exhausted at that time that i decided not to take photos again and just continue riding that bicycle until we reached the finish line lol

but really if you're a biker or if you simply love cycling, you should try this track, guanshan town encircling bicycle path :)

some photos we took *before we got too exhausted,haha*

another photos with gina and oliver :]
short story about them, soo as i've said before both of them are the mentors of bus b.

actually there's another one who named emma,she's the bus leader and she's soo extremely busy that i hardly ever talk with her, but she's lovelyy and friendly :)) [i've just realized that i've no photos with her
:( ]

then there's gina, my team's mentor <3 she's 18 years old and she's quite quiet but sometimes she can be verry expressive and talkative :33 i must say that she's just too adorablee and lovelyy :D anw her hair is sooo longg that it can reach her knee *believe it or not*. (everyday she braids her hair and rolls it up like 3 times)

and last but not least,there's oliver, i must say that without him maybe bus b will be as quiet as grave lol. he's that kind of person who loves talking and joking and playing around *in a good way haha*.

sanlia, regina, me, lusi, nadia (another roomiee :33)
soo here's my another roomiee named nadia :33 at first i thought she's quiet,but then i realized i was wrong haha soo together with lusi and yovita (i'll show her photo soon), we've been roomate, sharing bedroom for 3weeks. and yeah also we aren't really close to each other (except me with lusi), but it is very nice to have met you guys 

see the big guy wearing red shirt? yap he's also a fudaoyuan, his name is kentucky :3

and here i must say are the most beautiful gorgeous places in taiwan, if you visit taiwan one day, make sure you visit these places,  swallow grotto trail and shakadang trail. really you won't regret it :)


melissa, me

lusi,melisa,cynthia, ko sony (mentor), me
ko sony is also indonesian who help us a lot translating mandarin to indonesia,lol

chersea, natalie, me

how i love the design of this postcard store :3

fellas from jakarta :)

to be continued :')

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