Sunday, July 8, 2012

home sweet home

soo after crying for an hour,packing for another hour, 3 and a half-hour-bus-trip,and 5-hour-plane-trip, i finally arrived at soekarno hatta airport, jakarta today around 3pm. sad? no doubt about it, by the time i got into my car, i've missed my mentors already :'( but afterall for me,it's always lovely to go back home. you know like the saying:
"there's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again" -Margaret Elizabeth Sangster- 

mm a lil chit chat, even though i didn't enjoy all of the places, no doubt that these 21 days have give me tons of unforgettable and lovely experiences :') now i'm thinking of visiting tw for the 5th time,haha :DD

well that's all for now i guess, gonna post some photos of my trip soon after i finish deciding which photos that should be posted :3 *need to go to bed and hibernation for a while, since the last 3 days i slept after 2am and woke up at 8 ("'.")*

see ya! kiss hug xx

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