Saturday, June 23, 2012

birthday bash!

this post is dedicated to my family and fellas, especially sherry & kawe #iloveyouuguyss xx as i've said before that i'm going to taiwan this summer holiday with some friends, sooo here i'm in this lovely gorg country which is known as formosa, taiwan xx actually this is the fourth time I visit tw and also the third time I celebrating my b'day here,haha

soo a lil chitchat about my first week in tw, the first 4days were totally sucks TT somehow it has to rain all the time and the wind also very annoying -_- which preventing us to go to some places because it's too dangerous. even on wednesday we've to stay at the hotel all day :((

but afterall I can say that we're lucky enough that the toufun didn't come and finally today, for the first time since we arrived, we could see the sunny bright super hot sun :DD
and yay on this beautiful day, 22th june, I finally reach 17 yo :DD nyaw so excited :3 in my country,usually girls will celebrate their 17 b'day by holding a party/ dinner. well I absolutely not going to hold a party since it needs lot of money,lol so I guess i'll just have dinner with some of my fellas *ofcourse after I come back from taiwan,wkwkwwk

soo last night at 00.00 my high school fellas, kawe and sher *who also go to tw with me* give me some surprises, they with some friends in jkt 've made 2 videos for me :3 #seriously thank youuu <333 they also give me a cute piggy phonechain as my temporary present haha :DD

then before they even finish showing the video, suddenly some of my friends catch me from back and carried me like carrying gunny sack,lol i'm shock and as a matter of fact,i was wearing pijamas and it's quite *longgar* (i've no idea how to translate this word,but let's say it's easy to fall down ? ) soo I keep holding the pants hoping it won't fall down haha #and luckily it wasn't lol

then we take some pictures *which are in my friend's camera,soo i'll post it in the next post :3*
then they gave me pudding pretending it as cake since it's quite hard finding cake around here,haha 

thankyouu guyss :333

and then i'm also quite surprised to find out that there have been several massages when I check out my phone at midnight *after the whole surprise thing*. to send a message from here to jakrta is wuite expensive, it costs 3500 rupiahs (about $3.5) each massage, and i'm thinking of replying their massage or not, but finally I decided to replying all of their massages, and afterall I think 3500 rupiahs is worth it :D *although I haven't replied all of them since my pulse is run out TT but i'll reply it as soon as I get pulse :)

sooo thank youu so muchh for all of you who send me a happy b'day massage although some of you also are abroad, it really means a lot to me, I loveyouu guyss :*** oh and I almost forget, that my roomie, yovita also celebrating her 17yo today! happy b'day dear :3 well I guess that's it for now, I make this post using my phone, soo i'm going to show you lots of my holiday's photos in the next post :) wish all of you have a wonderful holiday! kiss and hug xxx


  1. happy belated birthday ci austin
    sorry i'm latee :(

  2. Happy birthday austin!
    btw we have the same date of birthday :D

  3. Happy belated birthday :) How cool that you get to go to Taiwan, I went last year and it is just so beautiufl :)

  4. thank you so much for visiting me :** followed you back of course :)

    hope you'll visit me soon, I'll try to visit you on every post :))

  5. happy belated birthday! wish you all the best dear ;)


  6. Wish you all the best!

  7. belated happy birthday dear! wishing you all the happiness and luck =) xx

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  8. Love your blog!! What do you think about following each other? I think we should.

    Much Love,

    P.S. Happy Birthday

  9. quite nice note :D
    like yor blog!

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