Sunday, July 15, 2012

taiwan will touch your heart? part II

bus b member, i love you guys xxx
oh and there's emma! who stand next to gina :)

with another roomie, yovita :)
it's an coincident that we wore same shirt (i still slept when she left room), however the funny thing was at that time most of our friends thought that we still wear pijamas ** lol

with yunita, oh and she is also my neighbour whose parents are my parents fellas too haha
this world is small , isn't it? lol

with bobo, well i believe that he didn't even know my name lol but he's such a funny and cheerful mentor :3

i love this photo <3

at taipei zoo. you might wonder why i didn't take any picture with animals, well here's the things,we only be given an hour to explore and the weather that day was extremelyy hott that we decided to just visit the koala and panda (which are the closest from the entrance gate lol). but then it turned out that both of those animals did nothing but sleeping -_- soo yeah that's it haha

with cheryl , she is soo tall :)

from all of these photos, i love this the most :333

at taiwan glass hall

me, lusi, kiss, cynthia, emily, melissa

at gao yuan university, our dormitory from outside. looks cool isn't it? :3
buttt in reality most of us wanted to scream when we entered our room (even some of us really did it,lol), cause the room is surprisingly unpredictably unspeakable not really a room i might say,lol
soo each room has 4 bunk beds but here's the things, there is no such things like bed, there's only a triplex with sleeping bag, camping mattress, and a small pillow (thanks god they still provided a pillow,lol)
first day i got my neck sprained already ** but then we kind of getting habitual and not really care about it anymore haha (ps: we lived in here for 6 nights)

with monkey (this is really his nickname :3) he's actually not our mentor, he once became mentor last year. and he came by visiting us, he's very nice :)

with ju, probably the craziest and funniest mentor i've met. :D i've just started to know him for about one and a half weeks, but he's also very nice tough :33

side by side or miles apart, dear friends are always close to heart :')
just wanna say it's such a pleasure to have met all of you guys xoxoxo

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