Thursday, March 22, 2012

peanut's family :3

one day when i was bored and eating peanuts, suddenly i had this lol idea, i took my glue and started to draw my family on peanuts (use marker),haha :{D
 from left those are: my father <3,mother <3,me,big bro cx,lil bro :3,and my aunt <3 (well actually she is my grandpa's sister,but we usually just call her aunt :D)
 3 silly siblings who fight a lot, but i do love them very muchh xx haha <3
 and i made this for my lil cousin since i don't know what i should give to her,lol :p hope she likes it :{D


  1. oh my god,it;s so cutee!


  2. OMG.... these are cuteeeeee!!!!
    You really step up your creativity...
    Come and visit my blog if you are interested.

  3. aw they are precious, really cute :D


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