Friday, March 23, 2012

call me mrs mustache :{D

well now jakarta (where i live :3) is kinda crazy of kpop, i myself don't really mind with that, well i don't hate it, but i also don't extremely enjoy it,peace :p but anw these pictures are inspired by those korean, the black big glasses,mustache,ribbon and the hair <3
 i made the mustache and the glasses use carton and color it with marker (but you also can use the black carton instead) :)

well see ya mustache <3


  1. Jakarta? I'm in Jakarta, too:D I hope u enjoy, here:D Wish u have a crazy fun:D Btw, very cute mustache<3:D

    Following you:)
    It'll be so nice, if you follow me back:)

    Have a sparkling day!

  2. thankss <33
    sure,following you now :3 xx

  3. you're cute hun! I love ur outfit. LUCU<3hehe. Mind to follow each other? Hope you want to do it.


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  5. aw thankss :333 sure,following you now :D you've an amzing blog anw <33


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