Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Dilemma

" Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated"

 This Manneken Pis is definitely much smaller than what I expected lol :""p

YUHUU GUYSS! It has been 314 days since my last post, I'm still alive! :P I hope all of you are doing well :-) Good luck for your finals + remaining assignments (if you still have any) and happy holiday for those who are having summer holiday already!

Anyway I have spent approximately 2 and a half hours typing another post before I decided to delete everything and started this one. Long short story , I was thinking to make a post about my family's recent trip to desert yet, it took me forever to transfer photos from my phone to my notebook T___T 

Somehow bluetooth was not working, not to mention I had to re-edit those photos using vsco as previously I crop every photo into square size (for instagram purpose). After getting tired with bluetooh, I tried sending it thru email anddd I tried FB messenger at last and it worked! Then I realized those photos I edited looked really bad on computer screen T_T So I re-edited everything AGAIN using another website and thankfully half way through this whole editing stuffs, I tried to upload some and the resolution was really bad T_________T At that point I was pissed off and almost closed this tab and decided not to post everything lol

But then I decided to scroll through some photos on my notebook and I was like "hey why don't you post this?" . So I opened that website to edit photos again but then even before I finished editing one, I said this to myself "Enough T_T , let's post these without editing anything" so voila

Welcome to (literally) my first post with photos that were not edited at all lol :'D 

*Random question: How long do you usually spend to finish a post?*

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