Sunday, July 13, 2014

Up up in the sky

"Long time ago during the war, most citizens would hide somewhere in the mountain while soldiers went into the war. So when war was over, these troops would release a sky lantern up to the sky as the signal that war had finished, peace had come and tht citizen could come back :)

And yes that's the beginning of why people now using sky lanterns as means of sending wishes and prayers up to the sky towards the heaven where they might be heard better."

{Sausage with many toppings you can choose}

{Ice cream with peanut plus celedry wrapped together, perfect for summer!}

" A day without laughter is a day wasted" :D


Yuhuu finally a new post! <3 Last weekend my cousins and I went to Píngxī (平溪) and Shifen Old Street (十分老街) which are famous for its sky lantern! We were thinking to release it at night (yes those beautiful sky lanterns you saw on tangled are real!), but we were way too tired and it took ages for the train to come soo we decided to go back earlier.

But it had been indeed fun tho! Although I was aware that to reach your dreams you couldn't simply write it on the lanterns and get it, but somehow there was sense of happiness when I saw it floated in the sky :)

Anyway besides lanterns there was an old street where you could buy some souvenirs and traditional foods. If you happened to be in taiwan one day, do visit this place! ^^

Till the next post! xo

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