Friday, April 19, 2013

they said new is always better

"and there's always a way to begin with" -Autumn Doughton

helloo everybody! how are you guys doing? :DD sorry for the long hiatus, i'm quite busy these couple months TT i'm third grader therefore i had way too many try outs yet exams yet homeworks. BUT thanks god i've finally finished my national exam yesterday *yay* . although biology is quite a failure *sigh* but at least i've gone through with it haha :) (keep my fingercrossed now)

anywayy the purpose of me making this post is to announce that i've officially changed my blog url
( to :)  due to some people said that my blog url is too long haha ;) and i've also changed my blog title as you can see above: PEEK A BOO! (my most fav banner so far lolol).

well thats all for now, since i'm officially on holliday, i'll try to post as much as i can <33
till then! xo

*ps: after this post, i'm straightly going to make another post, muah :*