Friday, January 11, 2013

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bonjour guys~~ how's your week? :33
me spending my first week of 2013 at Sindang Jaya Village in Bandung.
most of us lives in Jakarta-the capital city of Indonesia where everything seems so glamorous, we habitual to live comfortably, without realize that there're lots of people out there that aren't as lucky as us.
therefore my school organized " Live In" where we spent 4 days 3 nights in a village, soo basically we're asked to be adapted to a very different ennvironment.

some of us were lucky enough to get a quite comfortable house there-even one of my friends got a bedroom with an aircon and tv which is completed with a cabel vision lol
me? not that lucky, but hello isn't this is the purpose of Live in? - to be able to understand that this world is damnly big that out there, there's still a life which is completely different from which we live :))

soo shouldn't all of us be more grateful for what we have? :)

*after live in, we continued with study tour, but i guess i'll separate it to the next post (i've difficulty deciding which photos i should post due to too many photos that has been taken haha)
and i'll also post about my trip to Japan soon :33
so stay tune! xo

 roomies- no doubt that together we're definitely destroyed our bedroom since the first couple hours we arrived there lol :p

i've seen the better days, BUT i've also seen the WORSE one
i don't have everything i want, BUT i do have all i NEED
i woke up with pain and ache, BUT at least i WOKE UP
my life might not be perfect, BUT i'm BLESSED


  1. yay looks like fun... great job doll!


  2. looking so fun :) btw i love your post in trick art :D

  3. Amazing photos. I am touched, dont know why.. xD :D


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  4. what a nice day with your bestfriendss <3 anyway happy val's!! :D

  5. very interesting photos

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