Saturday, December 22, 2012

merry too early christmas and happy holidayy !

soo today is is 22/12/12 which means 2 things,
first, it's MOTHER'S DAY (in my country), soo let me sayy happy mother's dayy to my mom and too all of the supermoms out there, thanks for everything :') i love youu and i always will 
andd the next thing is as we step on 22nd, shouldn't we all be grateful that we're all still alive? (if you don't get it, i'm talking about the doomsday things) haha :D

anww life hasn't changed a lot, except it keeps raining these days, not that i hate rain, in fact i quite love it *espc when it happens on midnight :3*
BUT the fact that most gutter near my house is about to overflow soon, scare me. i mean it's holidayy and none of us want to spend it under the-light-off or even evacuating situation ....
*i keep my fingercrossed now*

anw i've also got my report last saturday, my score varies from 70something-90something, afterall i've to say i'm really proud of it :33 haha

took these photos couple days ago when we had lunch at The Playground (in Plaza Indonesia). we all agree that its food is delicious enough, but the price isn't as friendly as we thought before (i was like: seriously we've to pay a 20% tax? lol). but we had so much fun though, having a chitchat, laughing, and of course TAKING PHOTOS haha soo here youu goo, hope you enjoy this post! xo

ohhh andd one of my besties, chika (the one who is wearing glasses and blue t-shirt) is coming back to indonesia for this holidayy <33
welcome homee chik! :')

 christmas decoration never fails to WOW me haha :D

the story behind this photo is quite funny, soo we'd like to take a photos with this beautiful-decoration, but the problems is it's located in the middle of the street, and everybody kept starring at us. soo we decided to pretend that we're waiting for our car, and the result? from 4photos, there's only one in which we're both looking at the camera lol

i decided to make a collage of it at the end haha

well that's all for now, see ya! and wish you guys have a great and wonderfull holiday! :333

*ps: i'm going to japan next tuesday (sooo excitedd ><)
soo i'll probably be offline blogging from 25dec-5jan :)

soo let me sayy: merry too early christmas and happy too early new year!


  1. HAPPY HOLIDAY! enjoy your trip to Japan :D

  2. ohh great photos ! Happy day to your mother ;)

  3. Happy Mothersday! And yay
    we all survived from doomsday lol :P
    The food looks so delicious!


  4. happy mothersday!
    and enjoy your holidayy

  5. yeah it keeps raining these day haha ! the christmas decoration are always great , i can't hardly wait till 25th dec :)
    thanks for your sweet comment on my blog , yes we can follow each other , im following you now dear !

    xoxo ,

  6. awww how fun! don't you love it when christmas decorations are all around :)


  7. Haha, love these cute photos!
    Have a Merry early Christmas as well and Happy New Year! :)

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  8. uuhhh even the price seems super-not-friendly, your foods look YUMMY!
    i would like to try that ❤ hihihihi
    seems you look had so much fun at PI :D
    happy mothers day and early christmas!

    anyway, join my giveaway! :)
    and get all stuffs you want in half price ❤

  9. adorable photos!


  10. merry early christmas to you too! It's fast approaching!! The food pics look great!


  11. the food looks so good!

    X Jenny

  12. Wow the Christmas decorations are amazing :)
    Merry Christmas! Xx

  13. Omg love the decoration so great! :D
    and i look the food picture on the wrong time :(
    hungry :D

  14. Lovely post! Thanks for stopping by sweetie, maybe you'd like to follow each other oin BLOGLOVIN? :)

  15. Those pics are lovely! Happy Holidays!

    Kisses, Lucy:)

  16. ahh keren banget tin ! makanan nya ;9 yumm, musti nyoba nih gw
    anyway Happy Holiday too yaa :D

  17. hey girl nice pictures!! Wld love to c u drop by my blog and follow maybe :)

    asik banget *A* bawa pulang foto yang banyak ya!!! wkwk emang Chika sekolah di luar ya sekarang? ._. the Playground bagusss o_o tapi kalo makanannya mahal sama aja...wkwk cute+ funny photos!! <33 belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance! :D

  19. that food looks amazing :)

  20. those food are so tempting!
    happy holiday ;)


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