Friday, November 30, 2012

it's DECEMBER anyway ♥

anddd it's december already! :DD there's no doubt, december always be my favorite :3 why? of course because it means that CHRISTMAS is soo close :333
i lovee everything about christmas, that warm feeling, the decorations; welll there're like christmas trees everywhere this month, isn't it!*still trying to persuade my parents to buy one haha :p*
what about you? :3

anw i'm having a final test since last monday, also had my piano exam last sunday and although this week isn't as smooth as i hope (as usual math is a total failure) , but nevermind, as the title said: it's december anyway , isn't it? :p
for me, instead of kept worrying about the past, let us do the best for today and prepare for tomorrow.
cheers! haha

 anw here i reposting some photos from my instagram :3
i promise i'll make another post as soon as i finished my exam, perharps, about christmas stuffs? :33
 ps: 2 days left and i'll be happily enjoying ther rest of this month, wish me luck ;;)

and also good luck for all of you who will face final exam as well!! 

well thanks for reading! till then 


  1. i wish i had instagram :(

  2. I followed you, sunshine! Let's stay keep in touch!

    -Mademoiselle S.

  3. wish youluck for your exam dear :D

    btw i have a new post on my blog maybe you'll like it and will give you some inspiration :D

    keep in touch

  4. i also love everything about christmas! <3

  5. lovely shots! December has always been the best month for me xx

    Letters To Juliet

  6. nice pics dear!! :) thanks for visit my blog kisses :D

  7. Super vintage pictures and by the way good luck! :))


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