Thursday, October 25, 2012

sweet lil things

sometimes LIL things you did do mean a LOT to others :3
what happen to me recently is when i was about giving a presentation, i'm sucks when it related to computer and things, and i was surprised that 2 of my friends help me to operate those stuffs without i even asked :')
this may sounds stupid, but i do feel pleased when people smiling/ when people say thank you to me.
to be remembered my someone is also priceless :)

nyawwww how's everybodyy doingg? :)) it's been almost 2months since i last updated this blog :(( sorry i've been pretty busy these days, and i also have no idea what i should post hehehe
anw this one is MONSTER nail art :p
i did this like a month ago,well hope you enjoy this post! xoxoxo

 took these photos couple weeks agoo, all of them are my classmates :DD

 with the birthday girl, kasya, she is pretty isn't she? :3

'' if you can't do great things, do SMALL things in a GREAT way ''
-Napoleon Hill-


  1. super cute nails
    you look pretty in every photo!

  2. girls, you are all pretty! with beautiful smiles


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