Saturday, August 25, 2012

together we'll brighten the world ♥

aloha guys :)) how's everybody doing? welll for me lots of things happened in this week; one of my besties was moving to another country, went to beach with family, big bro went back to singapore, and got an award! :D

andd holiday is about to die too,not really ready to go back to school,but i guess i've no choice *as long as i'm not the principal lol* let's start this random post then :D enjoy! 

soooo my besties, chika   has officialy moved to new zealand :'( and we (me and other friends) were thinking to give something for her as farewell gift. we had bought some cooking tools for her *as she wants to be a chef*,but we're thinking to make another handcraft things, and la voila~ this is how the scrap looks like at the end. couldn't be happier with this :33
good luck in there dear :33 hope you can be the famous chef in the future! i'm sure you'll do just fine,monster hugg {}

nextt, at exactly the same day as chika went to new zealand, my family had a short-holiday trip to the beach, anyer. 2 days 1 night are more than enough i'd say. the beach was very crowded but it's very beautiful though :)

 three siblings who fight a lot,lol
took this, the day my big bro went back to sing *he studies there*

and here're some photos i took today, enjoy! ;)
remember these diy mustache things? if you forget, check it out here :D
anw i got this top from my friend :3
and see the headband i wear? it's actually necklace chain ehhehe

these lovely shoes are one of my last year birthday gifts :3

love this one ♥

oh and after taking those photos, i was bored while waiting my bro to borrow me the modem. so i decided to make nail art :DD lil bit pinky this time, what do you think? :3

another gif haha cx


and lastt thingg~ sooo yesterday, i got a news that i got an award! this is my second award so far,soo happy :DD this time i got it from a pretty girl named Gita Andreina , actually she is my senior too :) go check out her lovely blog here !

The Rules are:
* After you received this award, thank and link the person who gave you the award.
* Post 11 things about yourselves
* Answer the questions in the tag (the person who awarded you should have a set of questions!)
* Choose 11 bloggers with under 200 followers and link them in your post

11 things about me:
# I love all of you, readers haha :D
# I started this blog since january 2012
# I can't do anykind of sports well lol
# I'm terrible at singing
# I love doing nail art
# I have two brothers
# I've been playing piano since i was 4yo
# I hate math and physics
# I'm 17 yo
# This is my last year on shs, but i still don't know what i'll study later ++
# I love sleeping lol

11 Questions from Gita:
1. Who is your role model? And why?
     my mom, cause she's like a wonderwoman for me :D
2. Apple or Android?
3. If today is the last day of yours, what would you do?
    spending my precious time with my family and friends :)
4. Who is the person that you thank the most? why?
    my parents, cause they're very kind and without them, i won't be anyone today  ♥
5. What is the best quality of you? (Physical wise and Character wise)
   i don't really understand the questions, but maybe i'm quite an easygoing person :) *sorry if this isn't what    you mean :oo
6. Your pet peeves?
    dog (?)
7. What is your favorite movie of all time?
    In Time
8. Books or Movies?
9. What comes first in your mind when you hear, Junk food?
10. What is the best moment in your life?
    too many, i can't decide which one ><
11. How many times have you had a real date?
     never actually *shame me,lol haha :p

and here are 11 bloggers that i nominated :)) congratss dearr, all of your blogs are very inspiring! :DD

and here are my 11 questions:
1. why are you blogging?
2. describe yourself in three words?
3. do you prefer lots of friends or a few bestfriends?
4. your favorite blog?
5. blackberry/ iphone?
6. shoes, clothes / accesories?
7. your favorite song?
8. your favorite place so far?
9. when did you start blogging?
10. your motto of your life?
11. tell us a super random fact about your self! :) *i'm out of question,haha lol*

well that's itt, thanks for readingg, see ya! wish all of you have a great weekend and good luck for all of you who is going to back to school soon! xoxoxooxoxo


  1. congrats for the blogger who got an award.
    you look cute with your top!

  2. congrats for the award, kalungnya lucu banget! :D btw you're such a good friend ya :D

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  3. cute top!<3
    I love your nails art :)


  4. thx alott :D i'm nominated :P

    i love the collar on your top! :) and the pink polkadot in your nails --> very cute

  5. Your necklaces and manicure are the cutest ever!

  6. great post honey, i really love this photos and landscape!


  7. aww thanks for your lovely comment! :) and don't worry about not having been on my blog for a while! we've all been busy haha. the moustache necklace is so adorable! and the head "chain" was very clever ;)

  8. waaaah makasih austin X3 hehehe
    itu di Baked Goods tin, di menteng hehe bagus tempatnya kemaren pas kita pergi juga gak gitu rame jadi kita foto2 deh ^-^ cute nails and outfit! <3

  9. love ur top! and i bet ur friend was really happy with ur gift :)

  10. ouhh thanks for the award <3 you're so lovely <3

  11. nice! :)
    do you mind following each other?

  12. AW!!!! Thank you dear for the award ! :*

  13. great blog, nails and necklace ;*
    I followed, can you follow me back? ♥

  14. Oh gosh, I really like that mustache necklace!! So cute. :)

    ♥ x i x i a |

  15. love your top:) you look bery nice!:)

  16. I thought NZ only has beautiful savannas, seems like it has a beautiful beach too!

    1. nope,that isn't in new zealand, that's at anyer :)

    2. nope,that isn't in new zealand, that's at anyer :)

  17. Sounds like fun days (except your friend left there..) and you look so pretty in your white top with cute necklaces! Thanks for following and I just followed you back via instagram too :) xo akiko
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  18. farewell is always hard, but wish your friend best of luck there ;) such a pretty outfit too! love your necklace the most!


  19. so cute photos, i like your your white with black outfit!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  20. thank you a lot for the award, pretty!
    It means the world to me :D

    Wulan Wu on

  21. Your necklace is SO cute! I also adore your and polka dots? Favorite!!! xx

  22. you look nice, you are so creative too. congratulations for the award!

  23. cute top :)

  24. Such a gorgeous outfit! Love how you put it together :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  25. Wow I haven't been to Anyer for quite a long time, cute necklace btw :)

  26. You are a moustache lover, aren't you? Really cute :3

  27. Hey you look really cute in that top and shorts. :)

    Putri Soe


  28. Amazing blog :) I follow You now and I hope that you like my blog too! Have a great sunday ❤

    xx San

  29. Lovely blog, dear.
    Would u like to follow each other? In my newest post on the blog you can see how to create an unique bow top.


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