Sunday, April 29, 2012

DIY mustache :{D

happy sunday fellas! how's your weekend? :D mine was quite great,however i always feel lil sad when the sunday's evening comes cause it means that's tomorrow is monday again,which means another busy week to face, anyone feel this too? :o but anw life goes on, so yeah let's take a breath, smile and rock the world

anw this week's post is full of mustache :{DD actually i'm not planning to post about this, but yesterday suddenly my friends text me: hey finally i've done the mustache nail art! and i was like: I WANT TO DO THAT TOO! lol then everything went smoothly,i've got some ideas and after stayed awake all night taraa enjoy this post! :{D

 if you ask me: whose shirt i wore? i myself also don't know the answer,haha i found it in the guest room's wardrobe, and i was like: aih let me borrow this for a second :p

the size is super big! well my father is very small and thin,so it's definitely not belongs to him, my big bro is super big with a big belly *lol,hi bro if you read this don't mad okay,haha :D*,but i never see him wearing this so i don't think that this is his,and lastly my lil bro is very thin but tall *sigh*,but i'm sure that this also not his. so yeah maybe only god who knows lol :p

well now let's begin the mustache party with the mustache ring! 
 one of my most favorite things, and guess what it's DIY and it's very easy to make. how's it? *anw i'll tell you how to make all of these mustache accesories in the end of this post,so keep scrolling dear ! :3

next: the mustache necklace! also my favorite 
 do you like it? :3

i've also made the bracelet! again how's it? hehe :p 
and SURPRISEE another nail art :D well i'm not on holiday this time,so finger cross that my teacher's don't realize this :p but anw this time i didn't do this by myself, this was done by one of my lovely friends devina, i've tried to make this but it's totally failed so i asked for her help :D 

well now the tutorial as i've promised :)
things you need:
- ring (depends of how many would you like, mine is 2)
-bracelet that you don't wear anymore
-chain (for necklace)
-scotch tape
-black duct tape
-thread (black and white) and needle

how to make:
1. draw the pattern in the carton, then double it 4/5 times,stick it together,stick the black duct tape in the back,  then cut all of them together.
2. stick the 2 rings use scotch tape
3. then stick the pattern that you've cut to the rings and done! :{D

#to make the necklace is similar, you don't have to stick it, just tuck the chain in the glasses , then sew the glasses to the mustache *see the picture above* :D

#then to make the bracelet, you just have to sew the mustache/other pattern into the chain :)

 well that's all thanks for reading and leaving comment guys, wish you all have a wonderful week! mustache


  1. You look adorable!! love it:)

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  6. haha how cute! moustache everywhere. Love the nails! :D

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  11. I love your nails, they are brilliant!
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  16. whoa! those were made from black tape? i thought they were acrylic! wow they're really cute and i love your nails too hahahaha oh gosh i still can't believe they were made from tape!

  17. Nice.

  18. super cute! Loved the idea. Very creative <3

  19. These are so adorable! You're so creative! I love your nails too. Your blog is too cute =)

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  22. thief! haha the shirts cute on you though. and don't get me started on that adorable mustache-glasses diy. that's such a sweet idea, i'm gonna make my kid brother walk around with mine

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